Monday, July 23, 2012

Jordan's Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

Summary: Thirteen Reasons Why is about a freshman in high school, Hannah Baker, struggling with her life.  She had been going well through the year, until boys started treating her poorly. Not only that, but she had witnessed something no one should ever have to see.  When she decides she is going to commit suicide, she records a tape for each person she holds responsible for her death.  After sending out the tapes, she takes her own life.  In this book you will go through what it was like for Hannah Baker to go through high school.

Review: I extremely enjoyed Thirteen Reasons Why, and thought it showed immense realism, and intensity.  You feel as if you are experiencing what she is going through.  You hear a more intense story tape after tape. Each tape leaves you hanging, and wondering what will come next. I wanted to keep reading so badly, I finished the book in less than three hours. Once you get started you won’t be able to put it down. The more you read the better it gets.  The story also has an amazing lesson along with it.  It shows to not treat girls disrespectfully, and to always be aware of your actions. This book is great for anybody twelve and older. I highly recommend it, and think that it is a must read.

Final Take:  5/5 

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