Monday, October 29, 2012

Jordan's Review: Killing Mr. Griffin

Summary: Killing Mr. Griffin is about 5 high schoolers who hate their English teacher Mr. Griffin. They feel that he is cruel to his students, and doesn't give them any second chances on things. One student in particular that is bothered by him, is Mark. Mark has a plan to kidnap Mr. Griffin, and gets other students to help. They only meant to scare him, but things go wrong. Soon, people start to die; and the group has to face that someones a murderer. 

Review: Killing Mr. Griffin was a pretty good book but it was dragged out. The beginning was good, but then it started to really slow down. It seemed that she crammed a lot into the last 50 pages and didn't do much in between the beginning and end. It was a great story and written really well. It has a lot of jaw-dropping parts, and keeps you wanting to read more. I would recommend the book to any 12+.
Final Take: 3.5/5