Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jordan's Review: The Year Money Grew on Trees

Summary:   I previously read The Year Money Grew on Trees.  This book was about 14-year old Jackson and his family working to keep his neighbors apple orchard in business.  He and his cousins and sisters all agree to work on the orchard; and split the money earned from selling the apples.  What he doesn’t tell them is that he agreed to give his neighbor (the owner) $8,000 dollars of the earnings.  When they get done fertilizing, irrigating and actually start selling the apples, he realizes making over $8,000 may be harder than he thought. Read this book to find out if Jackson and his family reach the goal and get their money!

Review:  The Year Money Grew on Trees was definitely not one of my all time favorites.  It lacked some things that I thought were needed. For one, it wasn’t very well written for teens, even though it is about teenagers.  It made it hard to connect to the things going on in the story.  It had a good story line to it; but I don’t think it was good for anyone over 12. I’m sure someone that was ten would enjoy it; but they wouldn’t be able to connect to the story and its characters either.  I also didn’t get excited when they accomplished something, because I wasn’t really that into the book.  Aside from those two things, I thought that overall it was an okay book. 

Final Take: 3/5

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