Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jordan's Review: When You Reach Me

Summary: Miranda has a pretty good life, with a roof over her head. a good friend, and a great education. Even better, her mom just found out shes going to be on a game show!  Slowly, things begin to go downhill. When Miranda and her best friend Sal were walking home one day, Sal gets punched by a random person.  Miranda tries to comfort him, but he runs away. Suddenly Sal starts to fade out of her life, talking less and less to her. When Miranda eventually realizes they aren't friends anymore, she is devastated. Who else did she have to hang out with? Who will she sit by at lunch? Just when she thinks things can't get worse, she starts receiving creepy notes from an unidentified person. Could  it be her dad that she hardly remembers, or a friend playing a prank? As things grow stranger and stranger each day, she begins to investigate these bizarre occurrences. As she uncovers the meaning to the notes new friendships begin to emerge. Will her and Sal ever reunite? Will she figure out who has been sending her the notes?
Review: When You Reach Me wasn't a bad novel and I could very easily relate to it because I have a girl best friend and understand the dynamic of that relationship. It made it easier for me to see the characters points of views. It had a mix of mystery and realistic fiction which I both love, so that was a thumbs up too. However, the book was extremely easy to read; and think the wording in the book was too simple for someone 12+. I like a challenging book, so this one missed the mark for me.I also felt that the author kind of dragged the story out, and didn't really get to the point as quickly as he could have. All in all,it was an okay book that would be great for anyone looking for a quick read.

Final Take: 3/5

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jordan's Review: The Great Wide Sea

Summary: The Great Wide Sea by M. H. Herlong is one of my favorite books. While still mourning his wife’s death, a father of three sons, decides to sail the Florida Keys. Sixteen year-old Ben and his two younger brother s Dylan and Gerry think it’s insane, and have a heartfelt, crazy journey while sailing with their father. Many exciting and unexpected things happen, and each page gets more and more intense. Once you pick it up you won't be able to put it back down.

Review: The Great Wide Sea was incredible, and greatly written. I had never felt so attached to a book in my life! Every time I began to read it I kept getting sucked into it. It made me feel like I was there, with them on the boat. No matter where I was in the storyline it kept me entertained. If you thought you could predict what could happen – you were wrong! With each chapter bringing a new twist to the story, you didn’t know what was going to happen. This is a MUST READ book, and I think it would be great for ages 10 and up. After I read it I made my mom read it… and she loved it too! c:

Final take: 5/5