Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jordan's Review: Crazy

Summary:  Fifteen-year-old Jason has had quite a lot of bad times—his mother has died and his father has fallen to mental illness. As he tries to hold his crazy father and their crumbling home together, Jason relies on a host of imaginary friends for guidance as he stumbles along trying not to draw attention to his father’s condition.

Review: Crazy was not only intense and thrilling, but extremely funny too.  With the voices in his head telling him what to do, you couldn’t help but laugh at some of the advice they gave him.  It also gave a great lesson in saying always be grateful for what you have. With every moment becoming more and more ‘crazy’ Jason starts to lose grip.  He begins going to the social worker and the authorities get involved.  You can’t help but feel sorry for him and feel the emotions he’s going through. I felt a great connection to him because I would have done the same as he did if I was in his position. All in all I thought this book was extremely great and would recommend it to anyone 12 and older. If there was a sequel I would read it in a heartbeat!

Final Take: 5/5

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