Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jordan's Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Summary: Hazel Grace Lancaster a sixteen year old struggling with Stage 4 Thyroid cancer since thirteen, is forced to attend support group, where other kids and teens who are dealing with her same issue go. At support group she meets Augustus Waters, who lost his right leg to cancer. They seem to almost immediately become amused with each other, and quickly start dating. Hazel gets Augustus to read her favorite book, and seemingly the only book she reads, 'An Imperial Affliction', and his love for the book becomes just as great as hers. After Hazel explains to Augustus that she desperately regrets using her wish from "The Genies" (a fictional version of Make A Wish Foundation) for Disney, instead of a trip to Amsterdam  to visit the author of 'An Imperial Affliction', he offers Hazel his wish that he had not used so that they can go together. Starting from their first meeting at support, they go through ups and downs in their journey of loving each other, and fighting through cancer. 

Review: The Fault in Our Stars is most definitely deserved of the positive and popular talk it receives from teens all around the world. John Green did such an incredible job of giving me an emotional yet funny feeling throughout the book. There was not a moment that I felt bored in this book, and that rarely happens with me. It seemed as though each page brought to life a new idea or thought from the characters. I had doubts at first, because one, this book is about high school-ers and I am not in high school yet and two, because this book is about people struggling with cancer and I have fortunately not had to live with that. Even though those two things our true, it did not make the book any worse then if I was in high school, or I did have struggles like cancer. I could relate to the book in the sense that I have had emotional struggles before with sadness and anger, and I have great moments of happiness like in the book as well. This is a great book for anyone twelve and older ESPECIALLY for anyone in high school. I thought I'd began to dislike reading again, but this book made me love it again.

Final Take: 5/5