Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jordan's Review: Flipped

Summary: Bryce moves to a new house in second grade, and everything seems normal. But when he and his dad are unpacking, Julianna shows up. Julianna never really had friends, and when she heard someone her age was moving in she just had to meet them. Even at age 7, Bryce found Julianna weird. She somehow managed to creep him out in every way possible. She also continued to do so until seventh grade. When Julianna starts losing interest in Bryce, Bryce becomes fond of her; and things get flipped.
Review: Flipped was most definitely not one of my favorites. It lacked good writing, had a horrible storyline and I didn't relate to it. The whole entire book was the two of them fantasizing about each other with no other subplots. The vocabulary was extremely easy, and gave me no challenge at all. You could read five pages of this book and know the same amount of information as someone who read the whole thing. This book wasn't suited for my age but I would say that kids between the ages of 8 - 10 might enjoy it more than I did. Kids with advanced vocabulary and advanced reading skill would find this book elementary.

Final Take: 1/5

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